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No hourly billing. We offer fixed price services in order to give you financial peace of mind and allow us to focus on your best interests.

About Stratus Legal Group

The Stratus Legal Group is a group of highly experienced lawyers in several locations throughout Melbourne & across regional Victoria. Our company has been dedicated to offering high-quality services. When you work with us, you can rest assured that your best interests will be protected at all times during any legal processes.

We can assist you with a variety of legal matters

Our Lawyers can assist you with a wide range of issues. Our team has extensive experience in a wide range of legal fields. These are some examples:

Probate & Contesting a Will

Beneficiaries may require access to their inheritance, necessitating the necessity for probate. Probate is a unique legal proceeding that necessitates your undivided attention. The estate experts at Stratus Legal Group can assist you in obtaining probate as well as administering the estate, making life easier for you.

Estate Planning & Wills

It's critical to consider how and to whom you wish to leave your estate. Those you care about may face difficulties as a result of your legacy. Consider their social security benefits, tax difficulties, beneficiaries' susceptibility, and whether or not your estate will be contested. Stratus Legal Group will provide you with sound legal advice and help you create an estate plan.

Conveyancing & Property Law

Real Estate and Property Law is a complicated field of law that involves a variety of legal procedures. Whether you're transferring ownership, subdividing, buying, or selling a home, our experts can lead you through the process from beginning to end, ensuring you get the best possible outcome.

Commercial & Business Law

Stratus Legal Group can assist you with everything from starting, buying, or selling a business to preparing commercial contracts. Instead of moulding your situation to a precedent, we customise our service to your specific goals and objectives, assessing all hazards along the route.

Family Law

Let our team take away the 'what ifs' and allow you to focus on taking the first steps in your new life. Guiding you through your separation, giving you peace of mind at every step. We cannot change the past, but we can help you move to your future.

Immigration Law

Strict time limits and no room for error, making sure your first application for your Visa counts. Whether you are applying for a student visa, spouse visa, work visa or entrepreneur visa, it is critical you get it right the first time.

Fixed Price Services

We at Stratus Legal Group are not interested in charging you for every six minutes of billable work, as most other firms do. This means that we will not keep track of the time it takes to make every phone call, write every letter, read every email, attend every court session, and meet with you. We guarantee that you will never be charged for time; instead, we will provide you with a fixed price agreement based on everything we discuss during your initial consultation. This is a black-and-white indication of how much you are spending from the start, giving you financial peace of mind and allowing us to focus more on your goals.

The Core Team

Kathryn Oswald

Kathryn was motivated to become a lawyer after witnessing the mistreatment of clients by their lawyers. Driven with a focus on the clients’ experience, Kathryn combines her wealth of experience in Property and Estate Law together with her passion for the law to deliver legal services like no other. In 2019 Kathryn was the recipient of the ‘Employee of the Year’ award at the Glenelg Shire Business & Tourism Awards.

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Alex O'Donohue

Heading the Estates Department is the ever-passionate Alex O’Donohue. Alex's experience extends to all aspects of Estate matters including estate planning from the usual couple wills through to complex testamentary trust requirements, Grant of Probate and Letter of Administration matters, contested Estates, Will Disputes and Estate Disputes.

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Amy Brown

In a unique position, Amy Brown is the only non-lawyer of the Stratus Legal Group’s executive team, which shows her dedication and passion as an Associate of the firm. In addition to her management duties which sees her heavily involved in the administrative team, Amy is also the right-hand lady to Alex in his Estates department.

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    What Our Clients Say

    Read what some of our past clients have to say. The ethics and reputation of each one of our lawyers, precedes them individually and us as a firm.

    I have used Stratus Legal Group several times now and have found them to be very professional. Nothing is too much trouble for them. They constantly keep you updated and are a pleasure to deal

    I have used Stratus Melbourne now for the selling of a couple of properties and a sub division, with all transactions I have been informed every step and everything has been hassle free and efficient.

    The Letterbox Shop
    Stratus were an amazing business to deal with. They were responsive, educated and comforting in regards to my matter. I felt as though I was being listened to and treated as a person rather than

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