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Strict time limits do apply so if you are migrating to Australia, looking to extend your stay or perhaps you’re looking to work and stay during your time in Australia? Australia has over 120 Visa classes and subclasses, with the rules and regulations changing frequently, Stratus Legal Group are full-service migration lawyers here to make the process as pain-free as possible, offering a free initial consultation and fixed price fees.


We understand that navigating the process of applying for an Australian Visa isn’t the most straightforward on your own, which is why the team at Stratus Legal Group make it their responsibility to be across the different classes of Visas.

There are the most common visas including work, studying and partner categories however selecting the correct Visa to apply for from the beginning not only saves you time and money, it can also mean the difference of being certain that when you arrive in Australia, you won’t be returned to the country you came on from, for applying for the wrong visa. 

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Immigration Services

Bridging Visa

There are multiple different types of bridging visa’s available to apply for, depending on your circumstances. These range from being allowed to stay in Australia while you finalise arrangements to leave, to awaiting a determination on a substantive visa, such as a work, study or partner visa. It is crucial the correct bridging visa is obtained to avoid unnecessary stress, additional fees or from jeopardising future Visas.

Partner and Family Visas

At Stratus Legal Group, we know that family is what matters most. So whether you and your family are looking to be able to apply for Citizenship, sponsor eligible members from your family or to come to Australia more frequently, with our team, you will be in the best of hands.

Working Holiday Visa

What could be better than exploring Australia on a holiday? Being able to extend your stay and work while you explore from coast to coast of our beautiful country. The team at Stratus Legal Group want to help you start that trip of a lifetime sooner by ensuring the right application is made the first time.

Student Visa

With over 25,000 universities across the world, it’s not hard to understand why coming to Australia to study at our highly regarded universities is on many student’s future plan. With set requirements for this application and processing times varying greatly, it is important to the Stratus Legal Group team your application for a Student Visa is successful the first time around.

Skilled Migration

Australia is always looking for qualified workers from overseas to bring their skills to support the growth of Australia, particularly in regional and rural areas. Stratus Legal Group can help guide you through the many different types of Visas for skilled workers, including sponsored worker, business owner, global talent and more, as well as temporary time frames through to achieving permanent residence.

Employer Sponsored Visa

Also known as the Employer Nomination Scheme, this Visa provides the opportunity for workers to potentially stay in Australia potentially permanently. There are strict requirements to meet, depending on whether you are seeking a direct entry, labor agreement or transition stream application. With processing times varying anywhere between 3-14 months, and application fees of more than $4,000, let the team at Stratus Legal Group help you to ensure the right application is made the first time.

Business and Investor Visas

Whether you are a business innovator, investor or entrepreneur, there are unique Australian Visa categories available for you to apply for. With processing times varying significantly, with example the Business Innovation stream visa up to and potentially exceeding 34 months, you need Stratus Legal Group to ensure there are no unnecessary delays.

Resident Return Visa

If your travel facility has expired from your permanent visa, there are prohibitions from re-entering Australia if you were to travel overseas. The Resident Return Visa provides the ability to a former citizen, current or former holder of a permanent resident, to travel to and from Australia. Stratus Legal Group wants to ensure you avoid facing the real possibility of being unable to return to Australia if there are any delays with your application due to errors made in the application process.

    Get In Touch With A Lawyer

    Things to Consider

    Absolutely not. Lawyers have trained for literally years on how to interpret legal requirements. Allowing the team at Stratus Legal Group to deal with your Visa application allows you to focus on more important things in your day. 

    Visa application processing times vary greatly depending on the type of Visa being applied for and if the application has been completed correctly. 

    Stratus Legal Group offers peace of mind fixed price services for all Visa applications, which are also backed by our fixed price guarantee. Contact our team today to arrange your no-charge consultation, valued at $350.00.

    Registered Migration Agents are not lawyers and are usually very skilled in navigating Visa Applications. Whereas Stratus Legal Group’s Migration Lawyers are able to provide the same services as a Migration Agent, and also advise on many other areas of law, providing a seamless array of services, potentially saving you time and money in the long run. 

    You may hear the words used interchangeably in the media, online and when talking with others however while both words refer to relocating from your usual area you call home, migration does not always mean relocating from one country to another, whereas Immigration only refers to relocating from one country to another, whether on a permanent or temporary basis. 

    Navigating over 120 different categories can be a daunting task. Let our team help decide the best visa to apply for based on your own personal circumstances. 

    Every person’s situation is different and understanding the reasons for the refusal or cancellation are very important. Whether you believe there is an error that caused your visa refusal or cancellation, or you believe you have a valid reason to appeal the decision, you need to know your rights as soon as possible. Contact the team at Stratus Legal Group for your no-charge initial consultation today.

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    I have used Stratus Legal Group several times now and have found them to be very professional. Nothing is too much trouble for them. They constantly keep you updated and are a pleasure to deal

    I have used Stratus Melbourne now for the selling of a couple of properties and a sub division, with all transactions I have been informed every step and everything has been hassle free and efficient.

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