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You can’t afford to second guess when it comes to complex ownership of property whether you are just getting started or there’s a speed bump along the way, which is why you don’t have to second guess Stratus Legal Group’s truly fixed price services.

Co-ownership Agreements

Whether you co own property as tenants in common or as joint proprietors, disagreements can arise between owners. We always suggest that parties come to a written agreement to cover the arrangement and understanding between the parties. 

Status Legal Group has acted for clients at the conception stage of co-ownership in the drafting of agreements and when a dispute has arisen between parties. The co-ownership agreement would consider the obligations of the parties as to how the contributions are made the ongoing costs of the property and the proportionate borrowings by each party and the priority of payment to the lender. 

Conversely, we have successfully litigated for clients who cannot resolved disputes in making application to the Victorian Civil and Administrate Tribunal (VCAT) for orders for the sale of the property and appropriate adjustment of the sale proceeds.

A little more about our Co-ownership Agreements Services

A co-ownership agreement is like preparing for the worst but expecting the best. It will set out the agreement between yourself and the other property owners which becomes even more important if there is a falling out between the owners down the track. Best case, it set’s out the clear understand of how the property will be maintained, expenses paid and when you would all consider selling the property in the future. It never hurts to be prepared.

It doesn’t matter when you settled the ownership of the property, there is still time to have a Co-ownership agreement prepared to ensure the agreement between the owners cannot be misunderstood. If in doubt, we offer free consultations that can help ease your worries.

Each circumstance is different so first step is to have your free consultation with us to understand yours. There are ways to resolve disputes and it is important that you are confident and are backed by the legal understanding throughout the way.

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    Things to Consider

    Here at Stratus Legal Group we are real people just like you and have the real life experience you can rely on when you need it most. Our promise of fixed price services are just as real as we are too with no hidden surprises like ‘Plus GST’ or ‘standard disbursements’.

    We understanding sometimes things happen so fast you feel as though you can’t quite keep up so we understand if sometimes not all information is available at the start of your matter. Don’t worry as we have well refined procedures to keep checking in with you to ensure nothing is overlooked.

    Most matters with a settlement date will be eligible for ‘End of Matter’ where payment is not due until the settlement day. For other matters, fees may be required at the start of your matter which is why it is import and to talk to us about a payment option that suits you and your budget.

    Throughout conveyancing and property matters we find most clients prefer communicating through email and over the phone. You don’t have to worry about whether a call will be returned or if you will receive a response to your email. We understand how important prompt communication is to you and always strive to be as prompt as possible.

    What Our Clients Say

    Read what some of our past clients have to say. The ethics and reputation of each one of our lawyers, precedes them individually and us as a firm.

    All our dealings with Stratus Legal Group have been excellent. We have used their services with 3 properties, both buying and selling. They are very professional, friendly and competitively priced. I can recommend them without

    Abby was so helpful and always explain everything to me. Made it so easy to understand and deal with the transfer of the property. In fact the whole team at Stratus Legal Group were fantastic


    Louise and Stratus legal group are the best, hassle free company available. Highly recommend!! Repeat customer. Thanks

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