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Adverse Possession

If you have been contacted by your neighbour claiming that a fence separating your respective lots is in the wrong position, or if you have conducted a re-establishment survey and discovered that part of your neighbours land if within your boundary fence should contact our office. 

The legal principle of adverse possession is complex and requires specialist advice, it may be the case that you are entitled to land that has been adversely possessed from your neighbour or the requirements of adverse possession have not been met. 

In either situation Stratus Legal has defended claims under the Limitations of Actions Act and successfully claimed land for our clients under the principle of adverse possession under the Transfer of Land Act 1958.

A little more about our Adverse Possession Services

In Victoria land must have been adversely possessed for at least a minimum of 15 continuous years.

There are many parcels of land being adversely claimed that were formally used for lane ways no longer needed for milk, bread and waste. Many of these lane ways were transferred into individual’s names over the years and forgotten about.

We recently made a claim on behalf of a client for their back yard which used to form part of a lane way. The Estate Agent estimated the value of the land being claimed to be $500,000.00. Whilst not all claims will be this valuable, they can drastically change the potential of the land, such as enabling sufficient land for subdivisions to be approved.

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    All our dealings with Stratus Legal Group have been excellent. We have used their services with 3 properties, both buying and selling. They are very professional, friendly and competitively priced. I can recommend them without

    Abby was so helpful and always explain everything to me. Made it so easy to understand and deal with the transfer of the property. In fact the whole team at Stratus Legal Group were fantastic


    Louise and Stratus legal group are the best, hassle free company available. Highly recommend!! Repeat customer. Thanks

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