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Prenuptial agreements do not set your relationship up to fail. They are a smart way to navigate issues that could potentially derail your relationship in the future.  

Pre-nuptial Agreement (Pre-nup)

What are the benefits of signing a prenup? 

A pre-nup is an excellent idea for several reasons. If separation occurs, it can: 

  • protect one party’s business from being divided or controlled by a former spouse 
  • limit the amount of spousal support payable to the other party 
  • protect the financial assets of people with substantial wealth
  • protect the inheritance rights of any children that exist from previous marriages or relationships 
  • help your marriage start with clear intentions and expectations, allowing you to go forward without deception and worry. 
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    Things to Consider

    Often, when people separate, it is a challenging time. Whether a Binding Financial Agreement, Court Order or a Parenting Plan is required will depend on a few factors (e.g. the ages of the children (if any), current accommodation availability and whether there are likely to be changes to arrangements).  

    With our free consultations it would be helpful to get advice early — even before you separate — so that you know your legal rights and a prepared for potential scenarios. 

    When a relationship ends, it can be an incredibly stressful and traumatic experience for both parties. No matter whose fault it is, or whether the relationship was legally formalised or not, it is still an ending. Under Australian Law, known as the Family Law Act and the Family Violence Protection Act (Victoria), both parties are equally affected by this, meaning that no matter what your relationship status, you are entitled to the same support and assistance when things go wrong. 

    The Court filing fees start from $330 We offer fixed pricing starting at $1,090 incl GST for joint applications and $1,460 incl GST for single applications.  

    Unfortunately, at this time we cannot assist with Legal Aid, who you can telephone on 1300 792 387 and we also have contacts in local law firms who can offer this. 

    When parents of children under 18 separate, it is in the best interest of everyone to have some sort of legal declaration whether it be a parenting order or consent orders that you and the other party agree on outlining parental responsibilities of both parents. 

    It can be hard for children when their parents separate. It is important that you focus on what is best for your children right now, and into the future. Stratus Legal Group are here to guide you through the process. 

    If you have already reached an agreement with your ex-partner about your financial situation, we offer fixed price service of $3,150.00 incl GST and disbursements.  

    We offer no-charge consultations, valued at $350 It is important to our team you are as informed as possible before committing any further.  

    If you are amicable with your child’s other parent, a binding agreement can be prepared without the need of going to court for $2,400 incl GST and disbursements.  

    Consent orders start from $3,300 incl GST for Parenting and $3,800 for Property.  

    It’s our focus to have your matter settled as quickly as possible when there is little disagreement. However sometimes, this is not possible and what is being offered does not match what the other party wants. On these occasions when there is no alternative to litigation, we offer fixed prices per stage and are on a case-by-case basis. For a small asset pool for example (under $500,000), only involving property dispute, the initiating application fixed fee is $5,720. 

    We understand, sometimes you may not be comfortable with the lawyer you have chosen initially and are wondering if they are really working in your best interest. A change in law firms should never be made lightly and another lawyer may have the same opinion as the first lawyer. We offer a review of your matter, with fixed prices starting from $1,100 to review your matter. We would only recommend switching lawyers if we disagreed with the actions of your current lawyer.  

    Yes absolutely, we understand you may reach a point where you believe it is time to obtain professional assistance with your matter. Before taking on your matter, we offer a review of your case, with our fees starting from $1,100 incl GST.  

    In Australia, a pre-nup agreement is known as a Binding Financial Agreement. We offer fixed prices to prepare Binding Financial Agreements from $3,150 incl GST and disbursements.  

    If you already have an agreement prepared, our legal team will review the agreement for a fixed price of $1,650 incl GST and disbursements.  

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    Read what some of our past clients have to say. The ethics and reputation of each one of our lawyers, precedes them individually and us as a firm.

    All our dealings with Stratus Legal Group have been excellent. We have used their services with 3 properties, both buying and selling. They are very professional, friendly and competitively priced. I can recommend them without

    Abby was so helpful and always explain everything to me. Made it so easy to understand and deal with the transfer of the property. In fact the whole team at Stratus Legal Group were fantastic


    Louise and Stratus legal group are the best, hassle free company available. Highly recommend!! Repeat customer. Thanks

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